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Giving Back

Mystic Art Retreats is an organisation that owes its existence to the indigenous sacred traditions of the Indian sub-continent and Tibet. To give back with an open heart is our guiding philosophy and we have in our short history offered interventions across the spectrum of societal needs.

Covid Relief

Distribution of Oxygen Concentrators in charitable hospitals in Jaipur and Dehradun

Financial support for widowed women with no means for employment in Uttarakhand

Mobile Sample Collection unit for Covid RT-PCR in Uttarakhand

Academic Support 

New laptops were donated to four students from economically challenged families of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand

School fees paid for students in Karnataka

Art & Craft

Collaborated with a women's welfare organisation in Nepal to sell their crocheted toys in higher value markets of India

"There are no others."

Ramana Maharishi

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