Mystic Art Retreats ™ 

Mystic Art Retreats 

Mystic Art Retreats are immersive events in spectacular locations that serve to expand consciousness through creative expression and skillful craft. We focus on traditional sacred arts from different world religions through a direct experience of making art with uplifting power.


Our globally renowned experts from different sacred traditions lead retreats at special venues that range from quaint palaces, natural stone homes and rural stays. 

The repertoire of programmes include:

  • Fine Art - Sacred Geometry & Patterns Yantras, Mandalas, Islamic canon, Thangka)

  • Intuitive Painting

  • Voice work & Sound healing (using own voice and other instruments - Daf, Flute, Harmonium, Piano)

  • Intentional Jewellery creation & adornment (includes redesigning ancestral jewellery)

  • Art Therapy

  • Pottery & Ceramics as a sacred art form

  • Altar-making (Woodwork)

  • Equine Therapy - healing with horses

Upcoming Retreats

Sacred Power Inside

Intuitive painting is about letting go, accepting where you are in this moment and working from there. Led by renowned international teacher Verena Fay, owner of the Art & Soul School in Austria, this retreat will rekindle your relationship with your inner voice and help you win the tug of war between the analytical mind and divine intuition. The retreat is set in the spectacular Ram Bihari Palace in Rajasthan, India. 

Oct 4 to Oct 10, Rajasthan, India

Threads of Culture - Textile Arts Immersion

Welcome to a unique and spectacular two-week cultural immersion focused on the sumptuous textile arts of India. You will learn about weaving, embroidery, macramé, tufting, spinning, and dyeing.  A lovely work of textile art –designed and made by you- will be completed with the help of a master artisan. You will visit factories, family estates, palaces, fortresses, museums, teeming bazaars, India’s largest outdoor textile market, and ride an elephant!

INDIA, Quarter 4, 2020 (Dates TBA)

What is the shape of bliss? Can you actually change your mood, your mind, your subtle body or your destiny by making sacred art? Yes! Together, we will learn the ancient system of sacred geometry and how it relates to spiritual practice. We will create artworks that actually resonate with ecstatic states of consciousness.

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