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Our Focus

Mystic Art Retreats™ are immersive events in spectacular locations that serve to expand consciousness through creative expression and skillful craft. 


These retreats are typically based around the arts as an avenue for encouraging the expansion of awareness, personal growth, and deep connection to the cultures we visit. Beauty, pleasure, and spiritual wisdom are key components of every retreat with the events meant to be inspiring and encouraging rather than challenging and disciplined. 


The programming includes both fine art and performing arts. We believe that our retreats work best when we inspire in our participants a sense of wonder, awe, and delight in being exactly where they are in the present moment. Transformation and spiritual growth will happen naturally when we are in sacred places and making sacred art. 


Our globally renowned experts from different sacred traditions lead artretreats at special venues that range from quaint palaces, natural stone homes and rural stays. 


The repertoire of programmes includes a focus on the arts as shown below

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The subject is divine, or invokes cosmic unity, or expands awareness, the activity is intentional, creative, and ritualised


(Divinity/Expansive Self)

The artist is disciplined in the sense of being completely present and self-aware during the activity



The practice is regularly refined until it becomes impeccable, elegant, and ultimately natural

Why Sacred Art?

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Our Team

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Gypsy Duende
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The closed bud of a flower represents the future

A warm pink was used to depict a mild Shakti and Rajas guna

Golden yellow is shown to aid learning and is also the colour of the aura of enlightened humans

White is the colour of goddess Saraswati and of sattva guna

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The budding flower represents the present

And the fully opened flower represents the past

This is why the blossom in our logo is not fully opened

The Mystic Art Retreat franchise enjoys the patronage of people committed to bettering their lives through creative experiences that nourish the mind, body and spirit

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