Mystic Art Retreat, Rajasthan, Jan.2018

The first edition of the Mystic Art Retreat was held in January 2018 for 10 days at the Ram Bihari Palace at Alwar in Rajasthan. The subjects taught included: Hindu Iconography and Yantras with Ekabhumi, Thangka Tara's face with Tiffani Gyatso, kirtan songs with Aditi, sumi-e with Catarina Gushiken and sanskrit pronunciation with Shivani Hawkins with an enthusiastic student base drawn from across the world.

Thangka Art Retreat, Dharamsala, India Jan.2019

Tiffani Gyatso led a group of 10 people to Dharmsala, where she lived and studied thangka painting for 3 years at the Norbulingka Institute (2003/06). "The group was full of joy and during our 20 days between Delhi and Dharmsala, we visited the most known tibetan temples as of H.H. the Dalai Lama monastery, Tushita Center, Men-tse-khan of Tibetan Medicine studies with a wonderful collection of herbal painted catalog and in Bir, all the rich mural painted various temples. Students had 10 days between travel and excursions of painting instructions. We started our day with prayers and we began manufacturing our own stretched canvas. We received visit from the artist Tsering Norbu and the Japanese apprentice Khan who with smiles and chai, shared with us their art and artistic process on a sunny day behind the snowy Himalayan picks as well as participating at a Poem and Music night, led by one of my friend and teacher Karma Sichoe. The group continued with transferring the drawing to canvas and painting experimenting with acrylics and natural mineral pigments. All participants finished their wonderful thangkas and were able to practice back home with all given instructions during this unforgettable retreat." 

Gateaway to Ganesha, Alwar, Rajasthan, India. Jan.2019

Gateway to Ganesha included a wide variety of teachings, creative projects, and unforgettable sights. We learned how to make a sacred geometry icon (yantra), a rosary (mālā), and lovely patterns called Kolam with women from the local village. We played with paper collage, henna tattoos (mehndi), practiced yoga in the mornings, and co-created a mural with local schoolchildren. We regaled in live music, dancing and fire-eaters at the palace. Plus we got to see all kinds of wildlife, like monkeys, camels, and fruit bats! We visited the Hanuman and Jagannātha temples in New Delhi, and India’s deepest stepwell: Chand Baori. We enjoyed gourmet meals, shopping, and gallery-hopping in Connaught Place, Khan Market, and Hauz Khas. Hard to believe all this fit into ten days! Sonja, Ekabhumi, Krupa, Mukul, Shailendra, and our staff at the Ram Bihari Palace delivered a truly rich and unique experience for everyone.