The Ram Bihari Palace is the sprouting of a new jewel in the crown of the princely kingdom of Alwar in Rajasthan. Nestled between the oldest fold mountain range in India - the Aravalis, it overlooks the picture perfect Siliserh Lake. The famous Sariska nature forest – a tiger habitat necklaces the resurrected three-hundred year old palace. We are placed between the golden triangle of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur at Alwar, thus making us an accessible stop on the most travelled itinerary in India.

In 2016, the visionary Ram Bihari Kaushik, a hospitality professional turned hotelier, took it upon himself to retrieve the lost glory of this heritage haveli (local name for palace styled homes). An architectural marvel particularly in restoration, it boasts of the same aesthetics, construction dynamics and materials used during the time of its owners - the Rajput Kings.

The unpretentious luxury here is a treat to the senses appealing both to the indulgent and the recluse. A destination in its own right, the palace is an ideal nature getaway, a rural retreat, a celebratory stage or even a romantic venue to exchange wedding vows within the quintessentially Rajasthani countryside. Time appears to move slowly with a restorative calm as both nature and built environment conspire to create the perfect symphony.

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